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Joe 3.0

Welcome to the Show

     In this location, Depression and Obsession do not mix well. Well, unless they are concocting, turning into the ink, I use to write the stories I tell.

     The things that I write will push you to the brink. My words will challenge preconceived perceptions and the way that you think... But, that's the point.

     This universe that we all live in is not so unique. Any and everything is possible when you re-learn how to dream.

     Practice the way that you think,  but don't you dare even blink -  you'll miss me finally coming of age.

     Now ladies and gentlemen, please, if you'll allow me - it's now my turn to take the stage...
Poetry, Verse - excerpts from current projects. Sometimes I start rhyming when I feel that I've lost it. So I dump those emotions here.  

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Joe 3.0

The Story

When you ask about my life, is this merely a question?

Should I take a few minutes, perhaps reveal a recollection of events, thoughts, and a few good years?

Or should I tell you about' my pain, that leads to tattooed tears.

I've witnessed so much struggle in my everyday life that my real name might as well be, Joseph Strife.

If there's a pain - I felt it.

Agony - I dealt it.

I breathe fire onto hearts that always leaves us both melted.

So I grew, and grow, and mature again.

Because I hate to lose, this game of life I will win.

I've been the worst best friend that you could hope to discover.

A bad boyfriend, but a really good lover.

Always coming from behind - I'm Jordan and it's my 4th quarter.

I killed the Joe you used to know while 3.0 was back ordered.

I did my time as a coward, 
Somehow my soul stayed intact.

In fact, miss me with that - just faxed the league that I'm back.

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