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Notebook and Pen

"Going Somewhere"

By : Joe 3.0
Release Date : 4.20. 2020 - Weasel Press

     Gawking down a city he had coronated caliginous, his resolve standing sturdy as stone. Mitchell had never felt strong before, never forgetting this feeling of alone. It made him feel proud knowing that she couldn’t hurt him, anymore.

     For the past decade, a man pretending to be Mitchell Keys had been forcibly switched onto autopilot. He was an android, highbrow all but shackled and chained to trauma. That accident left behind a man, inside of a body, who spent all of his time a casualty to himself.

     He was a medium to mediocrity, lacking any type of positive philosophy that would urge him to get up and go.

He was walking through the world in a body that carried a software version no longer fit to function. If Mitchell was anything, he was, in fact, an operating system in need of a major software update. His brain - a neural network long past needing a simple reboot to fix the malfunction. He was in need of an algorithm beyond code. Needing to realize the truth - that he was stronger than his Misery - like it was the final piece of firmware needed to reinstall his life.

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