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Weasel Press

The Roots

Weasel Press is an indie Beat Publisher. We look for today's Beat Generation and feature some of the maddest authors of this world. We are fearless punks, broken lovers, bruised poets, fiery activists, dedicated storytellers and much, much more. Stick out your thumb, hitch a ride with one of our titles. We don't know where you'll end up, but it'll be one hell of a ride all the way there. Feel free to loiter around, and if you got questions, shoot us an email!  To keep up with our crazy adventures, consider joining our mailing list. Follow our Facebook, and twitter. We're always working!

"Going Somewhere" is Joe 3.0's first Full-Length Verse Fiction Novel with Weasel Press handling printing and publication. It will be available 4.20.2020

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