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Joe 3.0

Author - Weasel Press

A Pisces, taught to swim the shores along the Gulf of Mexico before learning how to walk the beaches. 

Joseph Wilson, the 3rd of his name, was born in Tampa, Florida where he spent his entire early childhood. Uprooted before middle school, his family was relocated to Anchorage, Alaska in the late 1980’s where he got to live, and experience Americas great last frontier. 

It was in Alaska where he met his wife of almost 15 years, and they started their family. Wanting to allow his children more opportunities than Alaska is capable of providing When his oldest reached the same coming of age he encountered before moving north, he made the same decision for his family that his father made before him. Relocating in 2015, they chose the Beautiful Pacific Northwest. It was love at first sight when courting the Inland Empire, where the Wilson family settled in the artist community of the Garland District, located near the heart of Spokane, Washington. 

If there are three things that Joe 3.0 believes with all his heart-that he hopes you do as well-those things would be the following. Don’t waste your time-Live every single second of your existence only chasing the things that help you grow. That Love is unconditional. Period. And finally-but maybe most importantly-There is no way in hell Jeffrey Epstein killed himself.  

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Welcome to my personal bookshelf. This is where you will find my novels already completed, as well as what is coming next.

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'Going Somewhere' - Coming April 20, 2020

The Devil is Down in Georgia - Scheduled April 2021

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