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The Bullpen

BullPen: Welcome

Welcome to the BULLPEN

In baseball, the bullpen is where a pitcher really gets all the work done. As a writer, the concept is no different. People only get to read your finished work. AFTER your editor makes you look intelligent, and proofreaders have pulled out their hair trying to keep you on task. A starting pitcher plays every 5 days. But the moments in between is where he earns his pay. The side sessions, in the bullpen working on his craft.

It's THOSE moments - in-between your scheduled performance - perfecting your craft so it turns into your war-dance. That's where we find out how far we will go, just to shed shitty labels, like, "Your average Joe..."  

The Side sessions, where magic was formed throwing flames from my hand. The bullpen is where I practiced being a man. Where the work you put in isn't a guarantee to translate. But it becomes the difference between good, and great.  

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