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What the hell is happening, inside of my head?

The thoughts that I think, the words left unsaid.

Because I know better, at least I thought I did.

Never should have placed my own happiness, in front of my kids.

I pay that price,

everyday in my life.

The pain that I feel,

you can't even derive!

From your wildest dreams,

or nightmarish nightmares.

I've seen the worst of the worst, without cares.

I've been to hell,

sat right next to the Devil.

I walked the fuck in,

Took my seat at the table.

Look at my mistakes, look at my strain.

Look at the way that I'm living in pain!

I had what I wanted,

I had what I needed,

But failure pours out of my life, its secreted.

Out of my head,

out of my hands.

Out of my blood,

out of my glands!

My life as I know it,

has come crashing down.



To share all my triumphs,

to share all my blessings.

To rid me of my doubts,

end all my second guessing.

I fear that I'm not strong enough to do it alone.

I fear I lack the strength to eventually dethrone.

The king of my chaos,

The Prince of Depression.

The man in the mirror,

The Lord of Deception.

Roll all of those up,

and put them into one.

And that use to be me,

While I sat on the throne.

I’m a liar, a thief, and to top it off I’m always wrong.

I told my friends and family to fuck off I wish they were tagging along.

I had only me.

When what I need is all of you.

So I made some changes I hope that you see them too.

Yes, I tripped, but that loser was a blip.

The script had to be flipped.

So into the pool of the saved I was dipped.

I made that change.

It started with my soul,

Now I just want to be fucking happy - The goal.

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