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Patriotism is the new Racism

My white brothers and sisters, I'm so tired of this shit. This is a really big planet - and there's more than just white people in it.

I know, that sounds crazy, Hear me out... But I swear that it's true. This is going to hurt - The world doesn't revolve around you. You say that slavery is over, In regards to racism, it's much the same. Slavery is so far from over, White people just switched up the game. We just switched up the chains, We still hold the lock and key. We just changed the name from "Slave Masters" To 'Judge' and Jury. Seventy percent of America,

is white - just like you and I. Seventy percent of our prison is people of color. Where we send them to die. Afraid to look sons in the eyes, Force them to say their goodbyes. we're destroying whole communities and you feel nothing inside? And then we make jokes about black fathers, and how they went missin'. While we are ignoring the facts, that's just how we designed the system. If wrong is right. it's my delight from inside I am opposition. Don't stand in my way, White people, I do not have the patience. Keep up your racist rhetoric you might end up a patient.

I know what you're thinking...

We just can't be inferior... Black people can't be superior. Slavery and racism are long passed gone, Both nowhere near. Our history couldn't be much clearer. What, you don't own a mirror? That's okay, lets use mine. You want to check off our accomplishments, then I'll just hit rewind. We bought black men, And we raped their women. But we made the laws, and we enforce the system. Now, I might not have a pot to piss in. But thank god I'm white. It's my privilege to ignore their problems, while they struggle and fight. Why Kaep takes a knee - he is desperate for change! While your selfish ass just makes fun of his name. On his knee he stands up, because that man is so strong. He put his community on his shoulder pads, Meanwhile - you're never wrong. It's the same sad song,

about how you're the victim. I'm here to tell you, white people. the rest of the world stopped listening. We have abused our morality. No longer have a voice of reason. You are so fucking damaged you think hating is pleasing!

Get the fuck of your high horse, you look like a jack ass. If we were running a race to decency, no doubt we'd finish last. We live in a country, where the weak rigged the game. While claiming to be strong, and did it all in Gods name. We Killed Indians for land. To found a great nation. That black people built for us, and we didn't pay them. That's the American way, and I'm fucking dismayed. And that is the reason, I take a knee to this day.

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