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For your amusement...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to Myspace.

The place where a disgrace,

falls all over his face!

Tripping over my feet.

Trying to get up. I don't have real friends, because my real friends, I fucked.

Married with two kids,

I read her vowels, then, I ran away.

The best thing I've ever done, bar none, right up to this day.

You’ll witness my fall,

you’ll see quite a struggle.

You only get one half of life,

without somebody who loves you.

This is a tale,

of a man in dispair.

I wish I could tell all my old friends, that I really do care.

It’s hard being a teenager,

with both your parents in prison.

Who the fuck do I talk to,

when I need guidance and wisdom?

I’ll do it myself,

I don’t need your advice. It's either pussy or drugs, ones my passion, one my vice.

So I’ll leave my wife,

and pretend that it's love.

And then she will leave me,

because of all the above.

Years it will take me,

To get back on my feet.

And those years will go by,

and then one day we re-meet.

You will see a man

who owned and fixed his mistakes.

I've got to formulate a plan, before I'm simply too late.

I will fall in love,

With a hundred different girls.

One after another,

I’m addicted to their curls.

I've been searching for some love, What I'm needing is compassion.

I've been trying women on

like they are falling out of fashion.

I'm swinging from bedposts, that make my mind rhyme.

Playing with loose change,

never adds to a dime.

I've been left by a woman,

that's who gave me these problems. If it was only up to me, I don't give a fuck if I solve them!

Getting over her, under another.

I can't even start comparing.

The blueprint that she left for me,

exposed my weaknesses as glaring.

So what, would you have me rebuild?

Piece by fucking piece?

Matriculating down the field together,

time and I found peace.

If my childhood almost broke me, you thought that it was hard?

It took me twenty years just to let down my fucking guard!

But it finally came down,

it still falls as you read. If I fucking type it, it's been pain that I bleed!

And slowly but surely, I mean, I'm not taking the lead... I still have things to achieve,

but I wouldn't say I succeed. But I am putting it together,

I don't define the word 'Proud'

But I am feeling more humble, while being less loud.

I wouldn't say things are crystal, but I can see pretty clear.

I may have fumbled my life away,

but I’ve recovered a few years.

I'm going to be such a better man,

I know i have it, within.

The battle of Joe vs Joseph is ready for prime time,

while I'm fighting with this pen.

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