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Hail, The Proud White man.

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

I live in the darkness.

It molded my frame.

It's why I stay sane when I feel so much pain.

I see so much agony,

every single day.

I stopped believing in God,

I won't even pray.

God doesn't care about Tim Tebow touchdowns,

He's too busy - Babies need cancer.

Our kids are dying in elementary schools, while hopes and prayers are your answer?

just to keep buying guns and show me how cool you think it is playing Rambo - with no war?!

All hail the proud white man!

Don't you know - He built the world himself with just his right hand!?

Our culture is punishment, slavery, and institutionalized racists.

We fucked the world in the process, then actually claim to have saved it?!

You find offense in my words? You should build a fucking wall. Keep your backwoods, racist, hillbilly opinion on call.

That means - Fucking save it.

My patience with ignorance - grows colder.

Lived too much of my life - quiet - looking over my shoulder.

I think that I can be bolder.

My Privilege grants me protections that make me feel weak! I want to vomit hearing white people speak! Young black men are dying everyday in our streets, by unqualified security guards calling themselves the police.

Our culture is killing black fathers. And arresting black sons.

What the fuck have we done?! Who have we become? I think of how selfish white men are, and I'm numb! We don't have to kill so many strong black kings when they're young! We keep on taking and force others to give, The worlds sick and tired of all our bullshit.

All Hail the proud white man!

Remember, he built the earth himself, without his right hand.

Our culture is Racism, Regan, plus crack in the 80's.

Meanwhile, Bob and Karen are more concerned seeing two men with a baby.


If you're one like me, please, get out of the way. The worlds no longer listening to the lies that you relay.

We've been wrong for so long, that we lost our way.

PLEASE - All the proud white men,

If you can read this, come around...

It's time we learn to follow.

It's time that we sit down. ALL HAIL THE PROUD, WHITE MEN, it's time we help turn this around. Those sons instead may soon be young white men, buried six feet underground.

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