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I needed help.

Where I'm from -

you only see scoundrels and demons.

Threats and treasons,

Jesus and heathens.

And damn GOD knows,

I have millions of demons.

Planning and scheming,

billions of reasons.

But that all changed just like the seasons,

and I think I have finally exercised the demons.

But, I have to testify,

that I might get high till the day that I die.

High off life, - pain and strife.

High off four little bundles of joy,

blessed by God for me to Enjoy.

I look at my trials and tribulations,

meaningless stimulations.

chaotic sensations,

led to mass manipulations.

After incarceration - My life was just like an unstable gyration.

Leading to death, or complete devastation.

Always thinking like "Damn, Where is my break?"

How much aggravation must one man take?

Is there even somebody who I can debate?

Just so maybe my fortunes could take a turn for the great.

Constantly thinking nothing good has ever happened to me.

Then thinking about Andruw Easton, and Natalie.

Realizing they are all that I need in my everyday life,

no matter how many devils I’ll eventually fight.

Being blessed with their souls,

is like having two guardian angels.

Watching over my actions,

keeping me out of danger.

Their pure smiles alone,

make me melt in the heart,

I could tell you what they do for me,

but where would I start?

And I know that their love will surely never depart,

simply because of how I love them,

and have from the start.

My dedication has never wavered,

across the biggest of storms.

I've survived more struggles than considered the norm!

I've seen the bottom of bottoms,

been on the top for a minute.

I'll get back, by myself,

and I won't stop till I'm finished.

I'm at a loss now for words,

all the directions I've seen.

There's been times its appeared,

I'm falling apart at the seams.

But the rumors of my demise,

are greatly exaggerated.

So get inside my head,

I will leave you exasperated.

Why does all the good things in life,

have to be what's so bad for me?

If it would ruin me so,

why does it fill me with glee?

I really just want you to make me smile.

Have me feeling so strong,

send me straight to denial.

Because I do have compulsions,

They are women, my children, and weed.

Its pure devotion.

Their curves, and curls - mind freed.

Start of my troubles,

has always been a dime.

I HATE saving money,

Spend it all on one ride.

And it is ironic,

what I want in life I had.

I think about it,

every single, night, and laugh.

So I'm living a lifestyle,

that I dreamed up, now I’ve got.

And there’s a woman on my lap,

She’s here - I’m not.

So I’ll cut her off, get lost.

It was always going to be a woman who would lead to Joe’s fall.

I need help finding Joseph, but Joe’s no help at all.

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