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I've got Demons

I've got demons that still live with me,

they are still alive. Accepting that I'm one of them, was finding truth in lies. You see, the devil's in the details - the ones I never read. Ignoring almost everything allowing them to breed. PEOPLE LET ME BREATHE! I just need a minute. Can we slow down a second So I can sharpen up my weapon. Okay, my tongue is ready, I didn't need much time. Truth is, I was already to go chaos rules my mind.

Nobody knows all the trouble I've seen!

I'm publishing stories about my nightmares, as fast as I can write the scenes!

Welcome to my world,

Welcome to my life!

Welcome to the carnival,

I hope that you enjoy the ride. People, I DIDN'T FUCKING DIE! because I took my growth in stride. There have been times where I've been high, I'd think 'That's gotta be a lie."

I know I don't believe,

what you cannot comprehend, Survival was my only skill while living in such sin.

Well, that - and writing with a pen, My pains for everyone to see.

for anyone to read.

There is no more room inside of me,

no more agony to bleed!

A man will lose his soul,

if he hasn't any goals.

Everything he knows,

he stores above his nose.

That's why the struggles I've seen,

that I said were serene.

They were more than a dream,

leading me to the scene.

I arose from the ground -

in the aftermath after looking Satan in the eyes, and then looking right passed.

I'm still here standing,

not even a scratch.

Threw my demons in hell,

and then I lit the match.

So here I am now,

and here I am not.

I don't have much of anything, But I feel I've got a lot.

In my soul,

I fight a war,

a war that I have won.

I try to go to sleep, I can't -

next morning - again it has begun.

Just when I finally conquered,

the devil in my way.

The alarm clock goes off,

and I begin another day. I send my Demons back to hell, but they are never really alone. That real estate is hot right now, I own a couple homes.

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