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MAYBE IT WOULD BE EASIER, (starting over)

Maybe it would be easier,

If I admit I’m a loser.

The world finally giving up on me,

Meanwhile - I'm actively destroying my future.

Maybe it would be easier,

Maybe it would be harder.

The odds are in my favor,

I know that I’m a good father.

I can't just give up,

I survived Hell - I can't quit.

All I know is 'Going gets to going' and then you get what you get.

I don't have it in me,

admitting defeat.

My lungs never stop breathing, my heart matches the beat.

I don't make my life any easier,

I should sometimes concede a battle!

Of course I know this is life or death,

I'm emotional playing scrabble.

Having to live with my decisions,

That part has never been easy.

Lost both my freedom ; and time when they got locked away, My 20's have been fucking sleazy.

Let's talk about my luck with women...

Actually, scratch that - something else?

Luck has nothing to do with the problem, All this juggling I do, doesn't help. I'm going to hell for that... Facing my eternity - I'm going to suffer. Some women feel swell about that, those are facts... I deserve all of that, probably rougher. It's made me finally learn a lesson,

One I can apply to my problems.

If I take only one heart at a time,

I think that should eventually solve them.

Respect, love, wisdom and pain.

I want it. I crave it. Searching for more, and no gain.

I hope everyday is the same, as when I met Trista Laine.

That's when my Karma poles reversed, everything about me was changed.

I think she’s a keeper,

I think my harem knows they are in trouble.

Trouble, but in a good way...

Like pulling me out of that rubble.

Let's count all the ways that I'm blessed. For starters, this woman is gorgeous! SHE IS SO PRETTY

On a scale from one to ten she's like a hundred and fifty.

With her in my my life, Things get easy - not harder. I know this is love, I just don't want to alarm her. I can slow down, The Universe and I share the same time. I know this is love, because my life is starting to rhyme.

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