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The tale of Mr. Mediocrity

Let me introduce you to a man, I guess we'll loosely call him that. Mr. Mediocrity, his name, Known Allergies? Growth, and facts.

More effective as your "Back-up" quarterback. Hut-one; fuck you- he takes the snap. When the game is on the line, No timeouts left, he takes a sack?!?

"Dude, What the hell was that?" It's accountability you lack. "Mr. No responsibility should be your new name, At least you'd accomplish that." That's why when you look in the mirror there's no one ever staring back. Reflection so embarrassed and I'm not sure it's coming back. Let's try some positive philosophy,

example; I'm sure your childhood carries that vision. You mean back when my peers leaned on parents for wisdom? bad example; because mine were in prison. And that's how Mr. Mediocrity got his name, Adopted from "Average Joe." Sometimes I think about all that I've been through, and cry because nobody knows. Nobody knows all the trouble I've seen... Nobody saw all these wounds that I've cleaned. Nobody else felt the pain I was dealt with. Nobody else cried when I tripped up and fell, There was no hand, There was no help, lost my balance thus starting my descent back to hell.

My demons didn't take long on their way to come to find me. The Skeletons in my closet came too, more prepared. As they started to circle me, They looked so familiar, were all there. It made me feel better to see all your faces, But I thought it was weird to meet here in all of the places. I suggest that next time, someone please, think this through! They all shouted back, "We were following you!" "Where else do you think all of us could get into? Clearly, it was YOU that did not think this through!" Technically, the point would be that as Mr. Mediocrity, I feel the need to tell you to heed, I'm not the man I want to be. I miss feeling love... I miss some of my friends... Like Eric, and Greg, but fuck that dude Ben. He is the type, who peaked around 10... That's a rough 30 years to a 40 year has-been.

I miss looking at you guys and not seeing demons that I trace to a mirror that shows me the reasons. Mr. Mediocrity, Fuck! What have you done to me?! This is where I branch the tree, that sprouts new leaves producing seeds. It ends with my grandfather, my dad, and then me. That's Senior, Junior, and that makes me three. You know what that means, Wherever we be, You'll have dishonesty, no loyalty, and narcissistic tendencies. Stir that pot together and what becomes of those three? Something along the lines that run with toxic masculinity. Now, do you see why I'm branching new leaves? And growing new seeds that can produce new trees? I'd rather start over than have to be sorry, for what I then went and did to my Ari. That's not his real name, That's just what we call him. Because I gave him a name that still carried some problems. still watering seeds that would eventually solve them. So for now, it's Ari-That's what everyone knows. Friends, family, teammates, and foes. but really as far as the government goes, He signs a name that has sparkle and glows. The result of when hard work, meets all your life lessons. Is a name you can wield like you're holding a weapon. One you are proud to hear when you walk through the door. The first of his name, even though he's a four..

A brand new tree with brand new leaves, an unlimited potential that grew from contaminated seeds. Now when you judge me by my family history, Ultimately you'll agree there grows a brand new family tree. budding with new seasons leaves, that only regrowth brings

Is my new Positive Philosophy in a key that I could sing. I broke that branch. I killed that tree. Not Senior. Not Junior. but me, number three. I watch new leaves grow, and I'm so proud I got to be. the man you probably know as Mr. Mediocrity.

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