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My Day to Day drama.

I need to stop, I need to quit.

I need to figure out all of this bullshit.

I miss feeling loved,

I miss having friends.

I have to admit it feels like happiness is forbid.

When I get an addition,

there's quickly subtraction.

Multiplied by my pain, and its only a fraction.

Divided by love, left a decimal of me.

I feel like my prime,

left with my sanity.

I know what I want,

I know what I've got.

I know who I am, I know who I'm not.

I know who the man in the mirror reflects.

Every time I have feelings,

there's often neglect.

I found what I wanted,

I found my nirvana.

I struggle every day, because of my karma.

For once my reality wasn’t matching my pain.

Fuck it, let's spell out lines of cocaine in my name.

At least my reality can go back to strange.

My life,

I loved a woman. I hate my ex-wife.

The everyday tension you can cut with a knife.

One of these days,

my luck will rearrange.

and out of this darkness, I'll come up deranged.

I am a man, who will recuperate.

But I'll put it off,

While I procrastinate.

And one of these days,

I'll know it will be the end.

And you'll finally be ready, for happiness again.

I'm sure there's many more cries,

and many more struggles.

But there will not be more lies, among my future troubles.

I guess what I'm saying,

is that until the end.

I will be stuck wearing, that label of pretend.

You say that one day that can change,

I guess to that, we will debate.

Until then you’re forcing me to live with,

The woman made as my soul mate..

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