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My life...

My life…

A journey through both sadness, and through pain.

Am I really destined to be just another link in this chain?

I complain if that's the case, cause my minds in different space…

Chaos will ensue, reality I will displace!

I've survived more struggles in my twenty-five years, they could make a kingdom fall.

Misery loves company, and destiny's my call.

No longer am I sure, the direction of up, or even down.

All I know for sure, Is I'm not me,

since she stopped coming round.

Every problem is a lesson learned,

no matter if the battle is won or lost.

You win you reap the blessings,

you lose you pay the cost.

Turbulence should be my nickname,

survivor could be my last.

Lost, confused, they'd all work too.

Descriptive of my past.

Childish, selfish, need I say more?

Manipulative, disruptive, dirty whore!

Foolish and weak, people I implore!

I'm just not that same fucking loser no more.

Now I'm the man, who walks with a stride,

Now I'm the man, who can fully provide!

Honest, loyal, and that is no lie.

But heartbroken, alone, and empty inside.

Now I'm the man, whose confidence soars.

Now I'm the man, who's under par for the course.

Nothing but bravado oozes from my pores.

And I will live the lifestyle again, never more.

Now I'm the man, who gets what he wants,

by telling the truth,

there's no lies, there's no fronts.

Now I'm the man, who walks with a swagger.

Now I'm the man, who feels nothing, no matter!

Truth is, talk is cheap, and this, is just chatter.


I'm the man who grew up, but not over night.

Now I'm the man, who never loses a fight.

I found my mojo, with no end in sight!

And I didn't even have to be high as a kite.

Now I'm the man, who wins all my battles!

Whether they be life, love, or just scrabble.

Finally capable of being, so much more than a friend.

But destined to be all alone at the end.

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