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Pardon my Pardition

You'll have to pardon me,

For what you’re about to read.

I wish it wasn’t true,

All of what you’re about to see.

Where you read some truth,

You will see some agony.

And a part of me that died,

While I was trying to succeed.

Shit, succeed?!? How about survive!!

I’m just lucky to be breathing.

I don't deserve to live this life.

So many people left seething!

My friends are now my enemies.

I want to unhurt the people in my past.

I don't deserve them in my life, they did not deserve my wrath.

I can’t act dismayed,

That my life just fell apart.

I guess thats what I get,

For playing games with peoples hearts.

Where am I to start?

Where am I to go?

I hate the man I am.

I want to kill this coward Joe!

I want to hang him from a tree,

I want to shoot him with a bow!

I want to push him off a cliff,

and not yell out, 'look out below'

What am I to do?

Where can I progress?

Can I ever look inside a mirror,

without seeing a man, depressed?

What is my problem?

What is my solution?

My life is so hazy,

I AM the pollution.

I have to find some answers.

I have a million questions.

I have to do this all myself, I can't accept any suggestions.

People let me be,

Let me find some peace.

Leave me all alone,

Lets pretend that I’m deceased.

You are all dead to me,

Lets just act like I’m the same.

Lets all play this game,

pretend you never knew my name.

You should run away,

you should try and hide.

I will only use you,

change me you will try.

And you will be an utter failure,

your solutions will not work.

And slowly you will hate me,

you will think that I’m a jerk.

Do not say I didn’t warn you,

I tried to make you listen.

You had plenty before me,

now you don’t have a pot to piss in.

Lets call it all my fault,

addicted to sin, and adventure.

Straight to hell with the likes of me...

I kind of like the temperature.

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