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The Joseph Wilson Experience

The Joseph Wilson Experience

I've been standing at this road for entirely too long.

A gasp at the transparencies throughout the complexions of life.

I've been idle for what feels like ages...

I’m finally ready to rewind the pages, man enough to finally face my past.

Realization is a curse.

Life is thrown at you in paces.

Get going, keep up, or get out.

Sometimes the universe provides windows allowing us growth. All of us are pretending to hold it together that's a fact that I know.

Missed opportunities are the worst.

I still pretend that I'm kin with old friends...

These men and women have a point - it was 'I' betraying them.

I contend - in the end - I did get everything that I deserved.

What really happens through the course of maturation?

I still feel the same, Physically.

I wear tattooed tears that transcend what you think.

If you take a closer look you'll find a man on the brink.

Chaos and tragedy spreading their scorn on my arms,

You'll find my loves, devotions, burdens, and harms.

I'm addicted to expression.

Sometimes, time remolds a mind that's thickheaded - into a brain that just clicks.

You found the key to start living - you've been content to exist.

See, life all comes down to what you have in your heart.

The best of intentions can burn fucking bridges if a man doesn't know how to start.

I could see the path to the 'me' I wanted to be, like it was a yellow brick road built underneath the Red Sea.

It was clear.

I had wandered so far away from what filled me with glee I was projecting a completely different person for the whole world to see.

Growth HAD to be my next addiction.

Here I am.

The Joseph Wilson experience. Borderline delirious.

Finally grown, all alone, sometimes serious.

Never afraid talking about the mistakes I have made,

All of that pain turned to plans that I laid.

Two little blessings during the worst three years of my life,

I had a monster living with me inside.

You couldn't even imagine inside of my head,

you've never thought through emotions I've bled!

I was clinging to life like an analog connection.

I killed ALL love around me using pain as a weapon.

This is the man that I am - a common misconception.

Underestimation is a powerful deception.

If you have been to the bottom, then I know you can feel me,

I will soon recover from what that woman did to me.

I'm not talking about heartache, because everyone has,

I'm no longer content with you thinking I'm last.

There is winning, and losing - finally I am defeated,

Wearing wounds from my wartime still open, depleted.

Not like the sinner that I used to be,

removing the shadow ; albeit slowly.

I'm simply a man whose been blessed, and reborn. I am on my way back, I feel that you should be warned.

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